Mickey Lund



+45 25 37 02 21

Mickey is JAM’s numbers guy. And a lot more.

“Working in a creative environment with highly skilled sound and music artists is a blessing. It sure beats the heck out of being a CPA. I know – I’ve tried both.”

In fact, Mickey has a master’s degree in auditing and spent seven years with Ernst & Young working with international companies like EMI. He has as a solid foundation in the music business, too, where he has been the past 15 years, Most recently, as the head of Warner Music Denmark where he was managing director and CFO for seven years.

Mickey’s experience ranges from back office stuff like finance, copyright, and royalties all the way to artist development and marketing. He understands the process that starts with a creative idea and ends with net cash in the bank, which has been a huge benefit not only for JAM, but our clients, too.